I’m a choral singer; how can I join Cape Fear Chorale?

Please see the Audition page for information on joining CAPE FEAR CHORALE.

Do I need to have a trained voice to sing in Cape Fear Chorale?

Cape Fear Chorale welcomes those who enjoy singing and are willing to commit themselves to the group and the music.

What is required at the audition?

The audition consists of establishing the voice range and critiquing the tone by vocalizing. The potential Chorale member also is asked to sight sing a simple piece of music and demonstrate his/her tonal memory. Auditions are held privately by appointment only, and only on select dates throughout the year.

I want to support the Cape Fear Chorale; how can I donate time or money?

Please see the Support page for information on donating to Cape Fear Chorale.

What kind of music do you sing?

Please see the Past Programs page for past repertoire performed by the Chorale.

How many times do you rehearse before a performance (how many months)?

The Chorale observes fall and spring semesters for rehearsals and performances. The fall semester is mid-August through the end of November, and the spring semester is January through April. The group rehearses every Monday evening, 7:00-9:15, and some select Saturdays which are scheduled before the semester begins (please see the Audition page).

What major works have you performed?

Please see the Past Programs page for all the past repertoire performed by Cape Fear Chorale.

Where do you perform and how often?

The Chorale’s performances are generally at one of four Wilmington locations: Winter Park Baptist Church, Kenan Auditorium, Minnie Evans Auditorium or the Wilson Center (downtown Wilmington). Performances are usually in late November and April. Please see Upcoming Concerts for scheduled future performances.

What is the attendance policy for practices?

100% attendance is expected except in emergency; however, any absences over three disqualifies a member from the current semester’s performance.

How many hours per week should I expect to commit as a member of Cape Fear Chorale?

The Chorale rehearses every Monday evening, 7:00-9:15, during the semester. There are some select Saturday rehearsals that are scheduled before the semester commences so members can plan accordingly. Further, each member is expected to practice between rehearsals in preparation for the upcoming group rehearsal.

Are there age limits for members?

The minimum age to be eligible to participate in the Chorale is 18. There is no maximum age.

Are there extra rehearsals?

Generally, there are no extra rehearsals. All rehearsals (Mondays and Saturdays) are publicized well in advance of each semester.

What is the dress code?

For rehearsal, the dress code is casual.

Performance attire: 
Ladies: Black, formal dresses purchased through Cape Fear Chorale; black, closed-toe shoes.
Men: Black slacks, black bow ties, white long-sleeved shirts, black cummerbunds, black tuxedo coats.

Should I have a fundamental understanding of reading music to sing with the Chorale?

Sight reading music is part of the audition process. Further, music reading is advantageous as the members of the Chorale prepare between rehearsals.

Will my voice part be taught at rehearsals or will I need to practice at home?

Everyone must make a commitment to prepare the music between rehearsals in order for the group to progress and the rehearsals to be beneficial. Checking note accuracy during rehearsals should be the exception.

How many minutes/hours am I expected to practice at home each week between group rehearsals?

Each member’s responsibility is to be prepared for the next rehearsal. The amount of time of home practice will vary depending upon the individual.

How can I learn my part if I don’t play the piano well or don’t have access to a piano/keyboard?

The director offers a day of sectional rehearsals during the semester. Also, the director offers each semester to meet one-on-one or one-on-several in order to assist the singers in learning the music. Usually, several members of the Chorale are also available to assist in the learning process. There are also many online learning resources available that are frequently shared with Chorale members.